Monday, April 16, 2012

Unholy Water and its uses

Unholy water is ordinary water that has been defiled and polluted with something dark and dedicated to satanic purposes by a Satanist. Unlike Holy water, which must be blessed by a priest, anyone can make unholy water. All it takes is a willingness to follow Satan.

Suggested uses:

1) Anti-christening

Anti-christening is an antidote to the godly sacrament of baptism. While no sacraments are involved in following Satan, as a Satanist reveres the profane above the sacred, many Satanists find rituals helpful in enriching a Satanic practice.

We find the term "Satanic Baptism" contradictory, as the word "baptize" implies cleansing. We strive to pollute and corrupt, to thrive in our godless world that is unclean, to revel in filth.

Satanic anti-christening, unlike baptism, is best self-administered. We are selfish and insolent, we do not submit to a higher priesthood. Our most powerful rituals come to us directly from Satan, who lives in our hearts.

Anti-christening ritual:

Take any amount of Unholy Water that pleases you, sprinkle it on the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, and your genitals if desired, and recite the following prayer:

"In the name of Satan, source of all that is wicked and vile, I anti-christen myself with this Unholy Water. Hail Satan!"

The anti-christening ritual may be performed as often as desired.

2) Cursing an enemy:

Unholy Water can be cast on or in the direction of an enemy to curse him or her. This is best accompanied by a prayer for vengeance.

3) Desecration of sacred sites and objects.

Cast unholy water on sacred sites or objects while reciting a prayer to Satan confirming a rejection of the faith they represent. We advocate doing this publicly toward churches that preach hateful messages and engage in political activity against the interests of Satanists. The following prayer is appropriate in for such action:

"With this Unholy Water I defile [name of church]. Satan, awaken the sleeping minds of these deluded followers of misery and death. Tempt them with all that is sweet. Torment those who keep us from our desires, and lead their children away from their godly ways. May all their sacred places crumble into dust. May the wicked fornicate on their graves. Hail Satan!"

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