Saturday, April 28, 2012

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Someone left this message on our hotline:

Do you think she uses that kind of language in church?  We will stop leaving flyers where 12-year-olds might find them when you stop telling children about god and jesus.  We don't deliberately proselytize to minors, but we can't control who may or may not find our promotional material in public places.  And if it's acceptable for christians to share their message in public, then we can do it too.

Please pray to Satan for this misguided soul.  The number for the Satanic Prayer Line is 601-2-SATAN-2.

Also, a note to callers that might call us or others to express disgust at our mission, we do not share caller-ID numbers with the public, but if you're thinking of leaving abusive messages for other people you don't agree with, you may want to remember that caller-ID exists and that not everyone you disagree with is as civil as we are.

Our call-back policy is that we only call people whose number left in the message matches their caller-ID.

Hail Satan!

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