Thursday, May 31, 2012

A few notes on our satanic symbols

We have received a few confused reactions to our use of inverted crosses and pentacles in our promotional material.

1. Why do we use an inverted cross? Isn't that the Catholic symbol for St. Peter?

Yes, this observation is correct, but we believe this is a perfect symbol for satanism for the following reasons:

First, jesus does address Peter as Satan in Matthew 16:23. Read in context this passage is even more instructive to the Satanist as Peter is trying to talk jesus out of embracing martyrdom and this is what jesus rebukes him for. While we admit that the inverted cross to Catholics refers to the myth of Peter refusing to be crucified upright as jesus was, we believe we're entitled to a little artistic license on this matter.

Second, to invert a symbol is to reject what it stands for. The cross represents selfless martyrdom, as well as the brutality of the Roman Empire. It is a symbol glorifying death and misery, and we reject this.

Third, the inverted cross is widely recognized in popular culture as a satanic symbol, and in keeping with our Satanic Virtue of Laziness, why make our message more difficult to recognize that it needs to be?

2. Isn't the pentacle a neo-pagan symbol? What does it have to do with Satanism?

We admit that our critics have a point on this. But we believe using it as we do is completely appropriate.

As with the inverted cross, most people recognize the inverted pentacle as a satanic symbol, and Satanists, artists, and musicians have used it as such for at least 40 years.

To many neo-pagans, a downward pointing pentacle symbolizes putting earthly things before spiritual things. To others it symbolizes taking power from the gods. We see both these interpretations as the essence of Satanism. We put worldly things before heavenly things, and we intend to take power from the gods while we refuse to return it to them.

But we understand the confusion this may cause, and so we always try to include the phrase "Hail SATAN!" on any material using a pentacle, or else surround it by inverted crosses, just to make our intentions clear.

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  1. It doesn't really matter what the sign says as long as it is pointing in you in the right direction. We did not choose our Lord Satan, rather, He chose us. One third of humanity, at least, is descended from Satan through the first Son of Satan, Cain. He is in our DNA and ,like salmon, we find our way home in spite of any and all obstacles. Hail to our creator and the progenitor of mankind, Satan.