Saturday, June 30, 2012

Suggestions for a caller asking about sacrifices

We just got this call, and have a few suggestions:

We think this call may be from "jenny" rather than "nicholas" as the number the caller gave is a well-known number for someone named "jenny". The caller, however, neglected to hide his caller-id, which differs from the one left in the message. Instead of calling back, we'll post our suggestions here in the hopes they may be helpful to others with similar questions.

We're not aware of any Satanic groups that practice animal sacrifices. The Satanic Missionary Society certainly does not promote sacrifices of any kind as we tend to be against martyrdom and sacrifice in general and do not see these ideas as consistent with a philosophy of living selfishly. We also tend to embrace life and its many lustful pleasures rather than glorifying death as most other religions do.

But if you are interested in performing sacrifices, there is a major world religion, very well represented in most communities in the United States (and most other countries) that performs human sacrifice rituals quite regularly. Some sects of this religion perform this ritual weekly (usually on Sundays), and some even promote performing it daily. Of course they do tend to keep sacrificing the same particular human over and over again (claiming he has divine properties), so it may not be exactly what you're after. It's not the kind of thing we're into as Satanists, but some people like it.

Another good resource on sacrifice is the sacred scriptures of the above mentioned religion, widely available in various English translations. We'd suggest starting at the beginning. This book comes to us from a variety of sources, but it seems to be intended as a manual of devotion to a nomadic tribe's local storm-god, who is prone to violent mood-swings. This collection of scriptures ends with some very disturbing and sadistic predictions about the end of the world and the fate of outsiders. Once again, not really the best guide to life and rituals for a Satanist, but perhaps a good resource for someone else with a taste for cruelty.

If you are interested in practicing real rather than symbolic human sacrifices (we certainly DO NOT recommend this option, but it's your life), there are a few organizations that are dedicated to this, very well represented in every community on earth, and their members tend to be very highly respected. Here are some links to them for people in the United States:

If you just want to stick with animal sacrifices, here are a few links that sound like a good place to start:

We hope you find this helpful. Thanks for the call.


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