Thursday, December 20, 2012

What happens when you try to witness to a Satanist from another Satanist's old number?

transcript of text conversation:

Not Benjamin?: Whats wrong with u u need jesus in yo life 2:31 PM
Me: I tried it. Mass is just like Chinese food. Always hungry again an hour later 3:13 PM
Not Benjamin?: God is calling u decide to anser or not 3:15 PM
Me: I think he might have the wrong number 3:19 PM
Not Benjamin?: No but u do 3:20 PM
Me: Are you sure? It says right here that the number is 666 3:21 PM
Not Benjamin?: Retard i meant my number 3:23 PM
Me: I thought you had taken that number too 3:28 PM
Not Benjamin?: No dont reply back 3:30 PM

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