Saturday, August 24, 2013

Official Satanic Product Catalog

Behold! The Official Satanic Missionary Society Product Catalog is AVAILABLE NOW! Supplies are EXTREMELY LIMITED! There are only TWELVE of these! Order yours before THEY ARE ALL GONE!

Get it here for only $199.99!

Nine unholy leaves of black to lure you with all Satan has to offer!
Would you judge this book by its cover?
Original Sins are always best!
Use only genuine Satanic Candles in all your rituals!
We have Pocket Demons priced for every budget!
Satanic Mind Control has never been easier or more affordable!
We offer indulgences for all your favorite sins!
Share the power of Satanic prayer with these items!
It's NEVER a bad time to witness with these bottled messages!
We offer Satanic services as well!
The number to call: 512-33-SATAN!

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