Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Downloadable Demons!

Tired of waiting? Want something wicked RIGHT NOW?



While good things come to those who wait, we can now offer INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

Visit our DOWNLOADABLE DEMON STORE and brows sets of THREE COMPLETELY UNIQUE DEMONS delivered as MP3 files!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! You'll also get COMPLETELY UNIQUE IMAGES of your demons embedded in each MP3 File so you can gaze into their INFERNAL FACES on your iPod, phone, or computer as you listen to their UNHOLY VOICES!

How is this possible? We invoke these demons JUST FOR YOU using the exact same INFERNAL TECHNOLOGY OF WICKEDNESS that we use to create our Demonic Divining Cards, Pocket Demons, and Demonic Audio CDs! But instead of containing the newly invoked demons into physical items, they are VIRTUALLY CONFINED TO THE AETHER to be downloaded at your convenience!

ONCE YOU PURCHASE A SET OF DEMONS NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DEMONS! You can reproduce them as much as you want, but they are most powerful when CONFINED TO A SINGLE DEVICE!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New CD of Demonic Voices!

You've seen the Infernal Faces of Demons in our other products ( http://satanicmission.org/cards ) Now hear their Unholy Voices! Pick up a CD of 72 Demons from our online store NOW! Get yours here: http://satanicmission.org/cd